October 15, 2018

Orlando, FL — N1, LLC, an independent business aviation maintenance and service provider, today announces the launch of Ultimate Lift, a first-in-class program offering a stand-in aircraft, pilot and crew for those N1 customers that are affected by an unplanned or unscheduled engine technical event.

“Ultimate Lift gives us the ability to quickly provide a solution for our customers who find themselves with significant engine-related delays or cancellations,” said N1’s President Bill Metera. “We view issues through the same perspective as operators and Ultimate Lift provides a way for them to finish their mission when the unexpected happens.”

Typically, other MRO providers and OEM’s dispatch a crew to troubleshoot, followed by a spare engine for replacement, which can take several days. Ultimate Lift provides a  comprehensive solution that puts the customer’s needs first, allowing for a seamless client journey from start to finish without interruptions or financial burden.

N1 will partner with leading jet card company Sentient Jet by leveraging their SJ25+ Super-Mid Jet Card as a means of supplemental lift.  N1 Ultimate Lift customers will be sourced a Sentient Certified, mission capable aircraft and crew as a recovery option, allowing a cost-effective solution for times when their aircraft is down for maintenance.

“We are excited to be a part of this innovative maintenance solution for business jet owners and operators,” said Andrew Collins, President and CEO of Sentient Jet. “N1 shares our philosophy of providing a high-touch, seamless customer experience and Ultimate Lift compliments that mindset by keeping customers at the forefront of our business.”

About N1, LLC

N1, LLC, a joint venture between B&G Aviation and Directional Aviation Capital, LLC, is a business aviation maintenance service provider offering comprehensive turbine operations support. Their innovative personalized maintenance management programs are tailored to meet each individual customer’s requirements. With more than 125 years of combined experience, N1’s team of OEM factory trained mechanics bring solutions that keep engines running powerful and clean. For more information, visit www.n1engines.com. You can also follow N1 on social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Sentient Jet

Founded in 1999 and now an integral part of Directional Aviation, Sentient Jet is one of the leading private aviation companies in the country. The Sentient Jet Card Program offers clients the flexibility and convenience of flying private for their personal and business air travel needs with industry-leading value. Sentient Jet is known for outstanding service and a commitment to safety programs, including the industry’s first and only Independent Safety Advisory Board. Sentient Jet’s extensive network of certified operators ensures that clients will always have access to executive aircraft that meet their rigorous standards for safety and quality. Visit sentient.com for more information. You can also follow Sentient Jet on social media platforms, including TwitterFacebook and Instagram.


Media Contact:
Leigh Dow