Smart Engine Program

N1’s innovative maintenance management solution is personalized to fit your individual aircraft needs.


Our skilled team of OEM experts provides the highest quality service to keep your engines running powerful and clean.

Engine Material

With an unparalleled serviceable parts inventory, you can rely on N1 to provide the material you need quickly and efficiently.

Sales & Leasing

Our dedicated team will partner with you to manage the sales and leasing process on a variety of engines and APUs.


The N1 team provides an extra layer of support offering engine program management.

Smart Engine Program

Join N1 as we Reshape Engine Maintenance

Revolutionize your expectations of traditional maintenance plans with N1’s Smart Engine Program, our custom solution that is personalized to fit your individual aircraft needs. Most aftermarket plans include services that you pay for but don’t ever end up using. Our Smart Engine Program is tailored to your specific preferences and includes the coverage you need at a fraction of the competitors’ price.

Join the N1 fleet family and experience maintenance excellence, with support that is innovative, transparent and offers you more choices than ever before. Contact our sales team to learn how our Smart Engine Program can provide valuable savings in your aircraft service plan.

Features & Benefits
  • No buy-in, full coverage provided from day one and fully transferable
  • Coverage for unscheduled events, scheduled events, and even catastrophic failure
  • Proven experience and backed by an industry leader
  • OEM factory trained mechanics
  • Lead mechanics with 20+ years OEM experience
  • Hundreds of years of combined mechanic experience




N1 is a 24/7/365 worldwide service company dedicated to maintaining aircraft engines with the highest quality and affordability. We utilize our skilled turbine engine maintenance experts for AOG and routine service events.

With more than 135 years of combined experience, our team of OEM factory trained mechanics provide global rapid response for both scheduled and unscheduled events.  Using the latest technologies, our mechanics bring solutions to keep your engines running powerful and clean.

Services Offered
  • Global AOG/Rapid Response Teams
  • Line maintenance
  • Hot Section Inspections (HSI)
  • Component repair and exchange
  • Digital video borescope inspection
  • Engine change (R&R)
  • Line Replacement Units (LRUs)
  • ACES vibration unit
  • Scheduled Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Testing (MPI & FPI)


Engine Material

With an unparalleled serviceable parts inventory, you can rely on N1 to provide the engine material you need quickly and efficiently. We’ve made a significant investment to keep our supply fully stocked ahead of any major engine maintenance events, which ultimately reduce costs and improve turnaround times.

Our innovative management and rotation of engine materials will keep your fleet flying while minimizing downtime.

  • Large serviceable parts supplier to the Engine MRO industry
  • Extensive inventory on site
  • Extensive exchange pool to support several engine models
  • Engine teardown/inspection for end of life engines
  • Complete FAA certified clean & inspection line for engine parts
  • Proprietary/FAA/EASA approved repairs
  • FAA/EASA Inspection and Repair


Sales & Leasing

Our Sales and Leasing department is committed to helping you find the right engine for your aircraft.   Along with sales of a variety of engines and APU’s, we offer leases, banks and exchanges to custom fit your specific requirements.

In addition to helping you find what you’re looking for, our team strives for transparency in our customer management and transactions. You can depend on N1 to be the partner that provides cost savings and innovative program options.

  • Engine Leases/Banks
  • Engine Exchanges
  • Engine Sales
  • APU Leases
  • APU Sales
  • HTF 7000
  • JT15D-5
  • 36-150BD APU



The N1 team provides an extra layer of support offering engine program management. We can assist with contract negotiations, provide preliminary and detailed work scope agreements with your selected overhaul facility, and track progress of engine overhaul against committed timelines.

We work hard to keep our customers in the loop so you can rest assured your aircraft will be wheels up ready on time.

  • Objectively compare costs and capabilities of all available engine repair sources
  • Provide most competitive quote/performance information
  • Lead contract negotiations
  • Witness tear-down inspection and test cell runs at facility
  • Coordinate preliminary & detailed work scope agreement with overhaul facility
  • Track progress of engine overhaul against commitment
  • Participate in scrap hardware review
  • Point of contact for in-progress technical questions
  • Review engine test results
  • Review final engine invoice for consistency with contract/possible errors


Engines Serviced

The N1 maintenance team offers exemplary service on a variety of specific engine models. Using the latest technology, we strive to keep engines on-wing for maintenance events to reduce turnaround times. With worldwide field service and bi-coastal US repair facilities, N1 can bring solutions to our customers quickly.

While our expertise is focused on these engine types, our Sales team is dedicated to working with our network of certified providers to solve your problems on any business aircraft engine.