One of the biggest fears for business aviation professionals who manage private aviation fleets is when an engine issue prevents the use of a valuable aircraft. If something goes wrong before take-off, will the customer be stuck without an aircraft? How long before the aircraft can be returned to service? With many obstacles in the wake of engineering or aircraft problems, N1 created Ultimate Lift to combat aircraft availability issues and stay focused on the customer experience.

Ultimate Lift is a custom aviation “pick up” service ensuring customers on N1’s Smart Engine Program are always going where they need to be. Solution-focused and customer-centered at the core, N1 is making engine maintenance solutions more accessible than ever before. In partnership with Sentient Jet, N1 will be leveraging their SJ25+ Super-Mid Jet Card as a means of supplemental lift. Ultimate Lift customers will be given a new capable aircraft during times of need.

  1. Prevents Unnecessary Delays & Cancellations.

The Ultimate Lift Program saves customers from massive engine related issues and helps prevent cancellations. Typical engine maintenance services involve a lengthy inspection of the aircraft, possible engine replacement, and can take several days to accomplish. Ultimate Lift differs from the current mold because instead of abruptly stopping the customer’s journey, N1 provides a plan B allowing the customer to finish their travel without interruptions or extra fees. Ultimate Lift is a comprehensive solution that ensures customers are always taken care of.

  1. Customers Come First. Always.

Not only does Ultimate Lift allow for a seamless journey, but it also provides the ability for a second option for air travel if the first aircraft experiences engine maintenance issues. Customers won’t have to fear huge financial burdens because Ultimate Lift is an affordable approach to necessary maintenance. N1 understands operational challenges occur every day; by leveraging the Ultimate Lift program, companies can trust their customers will benefit from the program.

  1. It’s The Real Deal, A Package Deal That Is.

Included in the Smart Engine Maintenance Program, Ultimate Lift is part of a package deal. N1’s Smart Engine Program is a custom solution tailored to meet customer needs. Ultimate Lift is one of the various options customers have to choose from when creating their specific coverage plan for their HTF7000, JT15D, PW500 or other business aviation engines. This solution provides full coverage in of case of unscheduled events, scheduled events, and catastrophic failure all at an affordable price.

  1. Affordable Service Allows Aviation To Soar.

Compared to competitors, N1 provides far more options for customizable service. At a fraction of the cost, it enables accessibility for more companies to utilize business aviation. N1’s Smart Engine Program prices are 1/2 the cost of other OEM maintenance plans. With more affordable rates, businesses are more inclined to take advantage of these precautionary services.

  1. Sets New Innovative Service Standards Across The Industry.

N1’s Ultimate Lift Program sets a standard of high-functioning, uninterrupted customer experience keeping customers at the center of the business. Taking steps towards continuous innovation is necessary to stay at the forefront of business aviation. The Ultimate Lift Program is a solution-based program geared toward overcoming service interruption obstacles, meeting customer needs, and providing innovative recovery plans.