N1 Transforms Aftermarket Service for Flexjet's Fleet of Business Aircraft

With a fleet of more than 150 business aircraft, Flexjet, a private aviation company offering fractional jet and aircraft ownership, was in need of an integrated aftermarket provider to manage their engine maintenance. Enter N1, an independent service provider offering personalized turbine solutions backed by OEM experience to their customers. After learning of their innovative service capabilities, Flexjet contracted N1 to manage their entire fleet, which includes over 330 engines and 110 APUs.

Since their partnership began in 2016, N1 has dramatically transformed the aftermarket experience for Flexjet, creating a relationship that has become invaluable in keeping their fleet of aircraft runway ready. In addition to handling all of the standard MRO requirements including; 2,000, 4,000, 7,000 and 8,000 hourly inspections, hot section inspections, unscheduled AOG maintenance, monitoring of off-wing maintenance events and many other typical services, N1 acts as a management partner for all Flexjet engines.

Dedicated N1 personnel oversee all maintenance costs, develop the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and provide forecast details for major engine maintenance events. They also take care of the engine maintenance programs through the OEMs, which includes monthly reporting on hours and cycles, invoicing, account asset tracking and negotiation of program hourly rates. N1 focuses on improving reliability and bringing value to Flexjet through these management solutions by identifying cost reductions, schedule improvements, risk reductions and work scope changes that have key service bulletins or special pricing.

“We set out to be a specialized partner that Flexjet can depend on,” said N1’s President Bill Metera. “With our comprehensive programs and team of skilled OEM mechanics and managers, we’re able to not only provide the innovative maintenance services they need but can also execute that work faster, more efficiently and with greater cost savings than other competitors offer.”

One such example is when N1 successfully completed a failed 4,000 hour inspection on an HTF7350 engine in a total of 11 days, whereas the industry norm for this amount of work is typically a 60 day process. N1 had previously invested in having an HPT case assembly in their rotable inventory ready to go, which allowed their team to remove the bad HPT case assembly and install the overhauled assembly quickly and efficiently, without waiting the usual 30 plus days for a repair. Using streamlined work flow and maintaining access to the well planned rotable inventory, N1 was able to complete an impressive amount of work in only 11 days, which made a significant impact on turnaround time for the affected Flexjet aircraft.

N1 has realized the importance of having key high value assemblies available in their rotable inventory prior to major engine maintenance events, which ultimately help reduce costs and improve turnaround times. Although a significant investment, N1 has stocked multiple LPT rotor assemblies in stages 1, 2 and 3, and HPT case assemblies in their rotable inventory to prepare for reliable, fast service for future engine events on all Flexjet aircraft. With this innovative thinking and advanced planning, N1 is able to instantly exchange their high value rotable assemblies and receive the failed unit back as a core. After the event, the failed core can be overhauled and put back into N1’s rotable inventory, waiting for the next major engine event. The management and rotation of these assemblies continues to be the foundation of the realized value provided by N1, which keeps the Flexjet fleet flying while minimizing downtime.

“Since Flexjet began its partnership with N1, we have seen multiple innovative improvements in our engine maintenance efficiency and management,” said Mike Silvestro, Flexjet’s President. “With our fleet using N1’s Smart Engine Program, we have also realized significant savings across our service plans, which has made a positive impact in our overall operating costs.”

As N1 and Flexjet build their relationship in the future, N1 will consistently move the needle in aftermarket services, providing innovative programs that fit the evolving requirements of business aviation. Through these integrated solutions and realized benefits like cost savings and improved efficiency, Flexjet will continue to see the positive transformation in working with a partner who is always thinking one step ahead of the game.