What does it mean to Fly Smarter? To us it means paying only for the service you need, while still benefiting from catastrophic coverage. N1 is leveraging personalized innovation to reshape engine maintenance, allowing customers to prepare for take off without the hassle of traditional plans.

Our SMART Engine Program is a customizable solution that is focused on fitting the clients individual aircraft needs. Typically, aftermarket plans come filled with many services and features that are paid for up front but never actually used. What separates N1 from industry competitors is our ability to tailor our services to our customer’s specific preferences all while cutting expenses.

Flying Smarter includes benefitting from the features and services N1 has to offer. Our plans require no buy-in, are fully transferable, and include coverage that is provided from day one. Whether it’s a scheduled event, an unscheduled event, or a catastrophic failure, our engine maintenance teams are there to assist our customers.

“We strive to build partnerships with our customers to go further than traditional aircraft maintenance,” said N1’s Sales Director, Steve Ness. “At N1, our team is committed to providing turbine solutions that revolutionize modern day aftermarket service”

As an industry leader in engine maintenance, our experienced OEM factory trained mechanics will provide the highest quality service and safety expertise. Each NI lead mechanic comes equipped with over 20 years of OEM experience that is apparent in work ethic, customer service, and ability to maintain aircraft engines.

As a part of the N1 fleet family, customers can choose the type of aftermarket service and support that they want. Our SMART Engine Program can provide valuable savings in your aircraft service plan so you can focus more on the skies.

Change your perspective of what aftermarket services should offer and fly smarter with N1 today.