The HTF7700L engine, part of the HTF7000 family of engines and created for the Cessna Citation Longitude, recently received FAA certification. The engine is already in service on the Bombardier Challenger 300/350 (HTF7000/HTF7350) As well as the Legacy 450/500 (HTF7500) and Gulfstream G280 (HTF7250).

Plus, with this FAA engine certification, the Cessna Citation Longitude, powered by two HTF7700L engines, is poised to receive certification by the end of 2017.

Better for the Environment

Designed for low emissions, this newest member of their successful line is a boon for the environment. This was a goal of the aeronautics company when they launched the line in 2004, since which point nearly 2,000 having been built in their Phoenix plant. The HTF7700L is the fifth in the series, all of which focus on fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

With key line units able to be replaced in less than 20 minutes—and with tools found in nearly every mechanic’s toolbox—maintenance for the engine is quick and easy. Engineers had owners and mechanics in mind with the design, as access to the engine is simplified, further reducing maintenance time.

By allowing for on-condition maintenance, the HTF7700L reduces downtime. Mechanics are able to conduct periodic inspections and standard upkeep on-wing for ongoing preventative maintenance. Naturally, this results in lower overall costs.

The HTF7000 family of engines has accrued more than 3 million flight hours, and during those, the engine has exceeded all expectations for durability, maintenance, and reliability. As a result, business jet owners and operators have enjoyed not only outstanding performance but also one of the best levels of fuel efficiency in the industry. Together, that results in a much lower cost of ownership.

N1 currently maintains 110 HTF7000 engines with accumulated 680,000 flight hours, that’s nearly 25% of the fleet hours. Contact N1 to learn about our independent maintenance program design from the owner’s point of view. N1 knows how to reduce costs.

This video highlights N1’s capability in performing all maintenance required for the HTF7000 family of engines, from Remove and Install, to Mobile Repair Technicians, to Light Maintenance all the way to Heavy Maintenance. N1 is the World’s only Independent HTF7000 maintenance service provider with capabilities to service any maintenance event, to customizing an Engine Maintenance Program that is 30-50% lower than the OEM.

About the Cessna Citation Longitude

Announced in 2012, the Cessna Citation Longitude is slated for a late 2017, early 2018 introduction. This new aircraft is considered a follow-on to the Cessna Citation Columbus, which is no longer in production. Smaller than the Columbus by mere inches, the Latitude accommodates eight passengers in double club. The cabin height is 6 feet, width is 6 feet 5 inches, and length is 25 feet.

To learn more about the HTF7000 family of engines or the Cessna Citation Longitude, contact N1 Engines. We provide ongoing maintenance service for the aircraft powered by these impressive engines out of both of our locations.