N1, LLC was founded in 2014, after the demand for an independent engine maintenance company, that would take the view of of an operator as opposed to an engine OEM.

We are unique because we manage customers’ fleets of engines as well as doing all engine maintenance ourselves, supported by a materials business.  We are the only company in the world that works hands on in all three of these diverse areas related to engine services.  This work is divided between two campuses, one in Mesa, Arizona and the other in West Virginia. Our employees report high job satisfaction, as they are intellectually challenged by solving the most complex problems for our customers.

We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to our operators, one of the ways we do this is by carefully analyzing operator data and reliability information to design a custom program just for each individual operator.  Additionally, we work with customers who represent over 25% of the total flying hours for the HTF7000 series, providing us with a wealth of information on this engine type.  Our highly qualified mechanics use this expanse of engine knowledge to develop innovative and reliable solutions for our customers.


We are expanding our services for the PW535E as we accumulate more and more hours on this fleet as well. Our goal is to have owners and operators think of N1, LLC as the organization that will find a way to lower the cost of ownership so that they will enjoy aircraft ownership and trust that their service provider is looking out for their interest in a professional and transparent manner.