N1 - Your Runway to Service Excellence

What makes an outstanding business aviation MRO shop?  Some may argue that it’s solely the quality of service or the timeliness with which your aircraft is back on the runway.  At N1, we place importance not only on those capabilities, but on the ability for our customers to choose what service levels and features are most important to them.  Our personalized service is designed to give our customers what they need when they need it, and all of this is done with superior maintenance expertise and experience that surpass the status quo of other MRO shops.  At N1, we get you back in the air with comprehensive support.

So what does N1 offer?  With a deeply experienced team in our corner, N1 covers many segments to provide complete service for your engines.

Our extensive business aviation materials capabilities provide a large inventory on site to meet your needs as they arise.  We have complete FAA and EASA certification for clean line, inspection and repair, as well as FAA and EASA proprietary approved repairs.

Our Sales and Leasing department is committed to helping you find the right engine for your aircraft.   Along with sales of a variety of engines and APU’s, we offer leases, banks and exchanges on the HTF 7000, JT15D-5 and 36-150BD APU.  In addition to helping you find what you’re looking for, our team strives for transparency in our customer management and transactions.  N1 can assist with contract negotiations, provide preliminary and detailed work scope agreements with your selected overhaul facility, and track progress of engine overhaul against committed timelines.  We work hard to keep our customers in the loop so you can rest assured your aircraft will be wheels up ready on time.

With more than 135 years of combined experience, our team of OEM factory trained mechanics provide global rapid response for unscheduled events.  Using the latest technologies, our mechanics bring solutions to keep your engines running powerful and clean.  Our maintenance capabilities include: component repair and exchange, hot section inspections, line maintenance, digital video borescope inspection, engine R&R, line replacement units and 2000, 4000, 8000 inspections among other things.  And with our Smart Engine Program all of this is available to our customers at a fraction of the price of other MRO shops.

So what DOES make an outstanding business aviation MRO shop?  At N1 we believe it’s a combination of innovation, choice, transparency and personalization.  We give you the ability to put together the maintenance program that’s best for you and your aircraft.  All while striving to be the partner who provides the innovative maintenance solutions to get your aircraft back down the runway and back into the air.