Mesa, AZ — N1, LLC, an independent business aviation maintenance and service provider, today announces an agreement with AvGuard to be the exclusive supplier of engine coverage for all applicable business aircraft under AvGuard’s maintenance program.

“This partnership enhances the services provided by AvGuard beyond avionics and airframe coverage for scheduled and unscheduled programs,” said N1, LLC President Bill Metera. “Our companies employ the same values in providing high quality, affordable aftermarket services, and the N1 team is well prepared to offer our innovative custom engine service for all of AvGuard’s customers.”

AvGuard offers maintenance coverage programs that provide avionics, airframe and engine support for 447 makes and models. With over 350 domestic and strong international support outlets, they required an experienced and trusted partner to support turbine engines at an unmatched value. N1 has filled that need with their skilled team of OEM factory trained mechanics and integrated maintenance service offerings that can now support the engine needs of AvGuard’s customers.

N1 will provide engine service for all scheduled and AOG maintenance events, along with unscheduled and catastrophic coverage for all enrolled engines in AvGuard’s programs. The global support team is available 24/7 to provide seamless coverage that members can depend on when it matters most.

About N1, LLC
N1, LLC, a joint venture with Directional Aviation Capital, LLC and B&G Aviation, is a business aviation maintenance service provider offering comprehensive turbine operations support. Their innovative personalized maintenance management programs are tailored to meet each individual customer’s requirements. With more than 125 years of combined experience, N1’s team of OEM factory trained mechanics bring solutions that keep engines running powerful and clean. For more information, visit

About AvGuard
AvGuard was founded in 1986 and was the first to offer an unscheduled maintenance coverage program for 447 makes and models of business and general aviation aircraft. The evolution of the program contributed to the expansion of coverage from airframe only to avionics and engines for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, with support from strategic third party providers. They are now the only provider to offer a low hourly unscheduled engine program. For more information, visit

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Monica Vendley