Serviced Engines

HTF700 Series PW500 Series JT15D PT6 TFE731 36-150 APU
Worldwide Field Service x x x x x
Line Maintenance x x x x x x
On-wing combustion chamber inspection and replacement x
On-wing hot and cold section inspection and repairs x
On-wing main bearing inspection and repairs x
Fan, turbine, compressor and gearbox repairs x
Total engine digital video borescope inspection x x x x x
On-wing vibration and noise diagnostics x
Sign-off for on-condition engines x
Engine change (R&R) x x x x x
Line replaceable units (LRUs) x
Trend data and SOAP analysis, troubleshooting and corrective action x x
Rental & Exchange Units on site x
2000 / 4000 / 8000 Inspections x
Compressor / Hot Section Repairs x
Engine Management x x x
Hot section inspections x x x
Component repair and exchange x x
FOD fan repair x
Configuration changes (-5 to -5A) x
Serviceable Material Sales/Exchanges x x x
Engine sales and exchanges x
Disassembly and teardown x x
Engine Overhaul Management x x
Non-destructive Testing – MPI & FPI x
Core Zone Inspections (CZI) x
Major Periodic Inspections (MPI) x
On-site inspection and repair x
Compressor carbon seal replacement (on-site) x
Starter clutch replacement x
Generator pad seal replacement x